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How to save on a layette for a child?

How to save on a layette for a child?

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In times of crisis, when many parents carefully watch each zloty, knowledge about what to buy, and what you can do without, is very valuable.

Manufacturers of children's products are trying to convince us that we can't do without a lot of "important" accessories. The truth is, however, that many of them are unnecessary and we can easily do without them.

What will we save on?

Hooded towel

We will get a simple towel with a hood at a price of around PLN 40. It is good in layette if we have at least two pieces. When we want to choose a really good quality product, the price will be much higher.

A hooded towel is definitely useful and helpful when washing the head in the first months of life, but we can do without it. Two towels are enough: one larger and the other smaller to deal with wiping the baby.

Not buying a special towel also has the advantage that ordinary towels will last longer and that the smaller ones will grow out quickly.

Savings: around PLN 100.

The changing

Although it is easier to change a baby on a special changing table, on a dresser or special cabinet, it is not a necessary product. All you need is a simple tourist changing mat or blanket covered with a diaper or flannel diaper.

By giving up the changing table, we also save on buying a changing table cover and organizing a special space for changing the baby.

How much can we save in this way? Depending on the chosen option, from PLN 50 (changing table only) to around PLN 600 (changing table with chest of drawers).

Educational mat

Although the educational mats look beautiful, they have many rattles, elements to play with, unfortunately their basic disadvantage is that they serve for a short time. Children grow out of them quickly, and the mats become useless when the child travels the world, exploring the surroundings.

In addition, the educational mat can easily be replaced by spreading a blanket on the floor and putting toys on it. This option can also be considered better because of its "mobility". We can find a blanket in virtually every home, and traveling with a mat is rather uncomfortable.

We will save from 90 zlotys.