Dapis gel after mosquito bite

Dapis gel after mosquito bite

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According to the manufacturer, Dapis soothes irritations and accelerates the disappearance of lesions after insect bites (mosquitoes, wasps, bees). After applying it, you can count on a feeling of freshness. However, to enjoy these benefits, you need to apply the preparation immediately after the bite, which, unfortunately, is not always possible in practice.

The gel can be used in adults and children from the first year of life.

The product applied to the skin is absorbed for quite a long time, it leaves an oily layer that dries on the skin and is best removed before the next application.

How does Dapis work?

Let's start with the composition, which is quite surprising, because the gel lacks serious active substances and it is difficult to find out what really helps to remove itchy bubbles.

Propylene glycol - propylene glycol,
Ledum palustre- wild rosemary extract,
Carbomer - thickener,
Sodium hydroxide - sodium hydroxide,
Apis mellifica extract - bee venom extract.

In our case, the gel did not show in a spectacular way. In addition to the feeling of cooling and temporary distraction of her daughter from scratching the bite site, he did not contribute to faster healing of the skin.

The price is not encouraged to buy: over 20 zlotys for a small 40g tube.

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