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Do you scream during delivery? Then pay

Do you scream during delivery? Then pay

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What not to write about Polish health care, women giving birth in the country have the comfort that screaming during childbirth is not forbidden (although it is still unwelcome in some places), and certainly you do not have to pay for it.

Quite different in Zimbabwe, one of the poorest countries in the world where women giving birth have to pay attention to loud behavior. Currency? $ 5 paid for each scream. Effect? Women are afraid to give birth in hospitals not to go bankrupt! The case became loud because of the report that was published this week by the international organization Anti-Corruption "Transparent International". How was this explained? The cry of women for which a fee must be paid was taken by the authorities as an example bring groundless anxiety and signal a threat that is not there.

How much is $ 5 for Zimbabweans? Unfortunately, it's a huge amount. The annual per capita income is around $ 150. No wonder young mothers can't afford at least two uncontrollable shouts. The more that the cost of delivery in this country is up to 50 dollars!

Unfortunately, even an empty wallet does not protect them from the law. It happened that women were imprisoned in hospitals before the bill was settled. Money had to be found. The more so because late repayment was charged with interest.

Zimbabwe's deputy prime minister has requested an investigation.

For fear of childbirth fees, many women in Zimbabwe choose to give birth at home. Unfortunately, many of them die. The report also shows that 10 pregnant women die every day in this country. Scary ...