Parental hits

Extra for Bumprider trolley

The Bumprider trolley extension is an interesting product designed for assembly for a deep or pushchair, enabling the transport of an additional child. Thanks to it you can easily and quickly transport an elderly man, without having to take a second stroller. The stroller attachment is intended for children from two to five years of age.

How did it make our life easier? And actually why she saved us and allowed us to take pleasure in everyday walks? I explain below.

Extra bed for a stroller for an older child

The trolley extra consists of platforms with wheels for placing feet on it and two telescopic arms (which can be extended sideways) for mounting on the trolley frame. In addition, it is permanently attached to the trolley handles to which the stand is attached: thanks to this the manufacturer facilitates assembly and disassembly. In addition, the unused stand may be whole hooked up under the trolley using a belt with a clip. In this way, you can transport the stand and use it, placing it on the ground whenever you need it. No tools are needed to assemble, disassemble and lay the stand.

A maximum weight of a child can be carried on the cradle up to 20 kilograms.


The extra for the trolley is very practical. In our case, it worked perfectly. Although it was not without its problems. The first extra bed on the first attempt to assemble it locked the screw, which prevented its efficient assembly. Fortunately, after visiting the store, our extra bed was replaced with a new one. And the second one works without reservation.

Installation is very important when using the extra bed. This must be done correctly. Thanks to this, we will get a stand that does not turn in corners with the stroller, thanks to which the child "does not fall into the stroller". The extension can be easily mounted and pulled out from under the trolley. Although the manufacturer ensures that it fits into every stroller, it's not true. Many models, especially deep trolleys, may not have space for an extra bed. There is another problem. In some truck models, hooking the extra bed causes brake locking (a lot depends on the installation method). Another problem may be the ramp under the curbs (you have to test different assembly versions).

A trolley with an extra bed rides well on various surfaces. The child is comfortable and feels safe. Unfortunately, the extra bed can reduce the comfort of driving the stroller: because it protrudes to the back it takes the place of the parent (you can walk a bit from the side of the stroller, holding the handle on the side)

These slight disadvantages are much smaller than the advantages. The idea, performance and simplicity of use determine that the extra bed is a great product that makes life easier for parents.

Product price around 239 PLN.

In our case, the extra bed worked great. It allowed me to remain independent and go on further walks after the birth of my second child. With an age difference of about two years, an extra bed can be the best way to "parental mobility".