Why does a newborn wake up from sleep?

Why does a newborn wake up from sleep?

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Experienced mothers know that before delivery you can not assume anything, or be sure that just after the birth of the child the day will go exactly as we assumed. Often, instead of a quietly sleeping newborn, we face a vision that we did not take into account: a child who sleeps only on his arms, close to his mother's breast or in some hands of his dad. We face the task of caring for a baby, which wakes up every sound or attempt to put him to bed. Why is this happening? Since numerous guides point to something else? How to understand all norms related to child sleep? And how to finally solve the problems?

Forget the standards

Every child is different. Each, despite some similarities, develops differently. Therefore, some parents do not have to "teach the infant" to fall asleep on their own, because the child simply sleeps from the first days of life alone, wakes up when he wants, calmly watches the world and falls asleep again.

However, there are also children who in the first weeks or even months of life feel more lost and different signals (which in other children do not cause such a violent reaction) read as a threat. Consequently, they sleep for a few or several minutes and "recall" the parent. Can anything be done about it? To some extent, yes.


  • keep calm
  • believe that it will pass: because it will pass,
  • do not believe in conspiracy theories (the newborn manipulates, do not wear because you will get used),
  • try to get the support of your loved ones because you have the right to feel tired, irritable and even angry with yourself and your child.

He is hungry

This is the most common reason for waking up a newborn baby, but of course not the only one. It's not like every cry after a dream is caused by an empty stomach. As the baby grows, the periods when the child is watching increase. In the following weeks of life, after a nap, the toddler often calls for a parent not to lie in bed alone, crying because he is tired or wants to change the position in which he is.

Moro reflex

The Moro reflex is a child's body's reaction to a threat, the purpose of which is to summon a parent and ensure survival. The Moro reflex appears already in the 9th week of fetal life and is present by the turn of ¾ month of life. It is most often started with sudden noise, movement around the child and can be observed as a sudden tilting of the toddler's hands from side to side and a characteristic gesture resembling embrace. Before the child screams, it usually dies for a moment or falls in amazement. Most often, when observing the Moro reflex, the breathing suddenly accelerates, the heart beats and the stress hormone is released into the blood.
Some babies react with a Moro reflex in situations that remain indifferent to other children.

Is there a way to reflex Moro? You can try hugging your child to sleepso as to limit the space for movement of the arms and legs. Another proven way is to put the baby on his tummy: however, beware: the youngest children should be observed while sleeping in this position.