The most popular names in Honduras for girls

The most popular names in Honduras for girls

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It is still a complicated decision to name the baby. Sometimes parents get carried away by family tradition, while other times, they choose the name of their girl following the fashions of the moment. Be that as it may, when choosing the name, you should always think about the baby.

In Honduras They like compound names for girls, all traditional, but all also with an elegant and dignified touch. In the list of frequent names in this country we find combinations of familiar names and, how could it be otherwise, with the inevitable Maria.

1. Maria Carmen. The Hebrew origin of María joins the Latin origin of Carmen in one of the most popular names in the Hispanic world. María reinforces Carmen's musicality in a compound name that respects tradition while maintaining its topicality.

2. Karla Patricia. The name finds a Germanic origin in Karla and another Latin origin in Patricia. It is a name with great appeal due to the implicit meaning in Karla of a strong and charismatic woman that appears reinforced by that distinguished touch that Patricia brings.

3. Maria Elena. It is a combination of the classic Maria along with a name of Greek origin, Elena. We are facing one of the most charismatic names for girls because it exudes familiarity, history and delicacy.

4. Queen Elizabeth. This name that combines a Latin origin, that of Reina, together with a Hebrew origin, that of Isabel, is one of the most emblematic of Honduras. Its indisputable royal flavor does not detract from the familiarity of this name that may be the ideal one for your girl.

5. Ana Maria. This combination of two names of Hebrew origin enjoys enormous popularity both in Honduras and around the world. And we are facing two of the most universal names for girls capable of bringing a special energy to your girl.

6. Alba Luz. The name has a Latin origin and is liked for that combination that exudes radiance, brilliance and serene beauty in that first light of dawn. Few names bestow the degree of delicacy and beauty as does this compound name that the girls of Honduras adore.

7. Olga Marina. A Scandinavian origin, that of Olga, joins another name of Latin origin, Marina, in one of the most eloquent combinations in girl names. The meaning of invulnerable makes Olga a name with unparalleled strength, while Marina's relationship with the sea provides that delicate touch that your girl needs.

8. Maria Angeles. The Hebrew origin of Mary joins the Greek origin of Angels in a harmonious and balanced combination like few others. It is a compound name for a girl that highlights the beauty and delicacy of your girl.

9. Maria Isabel. The two components of this name are of Hebrew origin. We find both names several times in this list of frequent Honduran names because they have the force of simplicity and remain alien to fashions.

10. Maria Luisa. Again we find Maria reinforcing another name, in this case of Germanic origin. Luisa is a name that brings personality and charisma to any girl and that likes a certain distinguished touch. Combined with Maria, it can be the name you are looking for for your girl.

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