The sensitivity of children with Down syndrome

The sensitivity of children with Down syndrome

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Children with Down Syndrome grow up knowing their limitations. Their parents and educators prepare them to accept who they are, but also to fight to find their place in society and achieve the dignity they deserve.

And, of course, and above all that, they help them to enhance the best of their virtues: a very special sensitivity and a more developed emotional intelligence than many other children.

Down syndrome is a genetic alteration produced by the presence of an extra chromosome in chromosome 21 pair. That is why children with Down have three chromosomes in that pair, hence the name of trisomy 21. It is characterized by the presence of certain cognitive disability and recognizable physical features.

However, the development of a child with Down syndrome is not so different from that of a child without disabilities. It is only necessary to take into account that the progression of your skills may take a slower course than what is understood as standard. And we must never forget that behind a disability there is always a child trying to fight to be one more. And that, in many aspects, such as emotional development, is greater than that of many other children.

I have a friend who has a child with Down Syndrome and all I have heard from her mouth is to say how wonderful the child is, what fighter, kind, brave and strong that he is. Never a complaint, never a reproach. Only praise and, above all, a model of values ​​in which to reflect. 'Quite an example', he usually puts on his facebook page when he refers to the child.

This is not an isolated case, we have all ever heard relatives of children with Down Syndrome express how lucky they are to have them because they come to unite the family, to share love, peace, happiness, tenderness ... They are open children to give and receive, without evil, with a big heart, transparent in their way of being and distribute love without conditions.

On our site we want to show you this video with which the Down Spain Association tries to bring society closer to how children with this disability are, what their abilities are and how they always seek the well-being of others.

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