Creams, smoothies and juices with fruits for children

Creams, smoothies and juices with fruits for children

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The fruit must be present in the daily menu of children. As a dessert, at mid-morning, at breakfast or as a snack. There are many ways to offer fruit to children.

A smoothie, a juice, a mouse or in compote. The fruit is very versatile and can be prepared in different ways. Choose the one you like the most (or the one your child likes the most).

The fruit provides essential vitamins in the diet of children. Each of them has a number of unique properties. Take advantage of the vitamin C of strawberries, oranges or kiwi, or the vitamin A of the apple. In addition, fruit provides a large amount of fiber, which is also very important for children. has selected a series of recipes with something in common: all of them provide many vitamins to children.

Strawberry and cherry smoothie. Strawberry and cherry smoothie full of vitamins and antioxidants, both for children and pregnant women. We explain how to make this refreshing and creamy smoothie.

Pear and strawberry compote. We teach you how to make a compote of strawberries and pears, which provides children with many vitamins and is an excellent dessert, as well as light. We offer you the recipe so that you can learn to easily make a fantastic compote in any season of the year.

Papaya, banana and apple cream. Recipe of papaya, banana and roasted apple, for babies from one year and for children. Healthy dessert full of vitamins for babies and children.

Applesauce. This traditional recipe for applesauce or applesauce is a delicious and healthy dessert thanks to the apple, a fruit that provides many benefits for the health of children. It is a good recipe for children's dessert, to accompany yogurt or cream cheese.

Homemade mousse recipes. The best known mousse is chocolate, but they can also be made from fruits, and even salty, such as vegetables or fish. On our site we teach you how to prepare delicious mousses in a very simple way.

Watermelon juice. Watermelon juice, smoothie or soda for children. Refreshing and vitamin-filled recipe for the little ones in the house. Watermelon is a food rich in vitamin A and with a high water content. Ideal for hydrating children.

Cherry, melon and banana smoothie. There are countless recipes for children with cherries that they will love, both in savory and sweet dishes, an example is this smoothie with cherries, banana and melon.

Carrot, apple and orange juice. Juices are an important source of vitamins and ideal for hot weather, so we recommend a recipe for children of carrot, apple and orange juice. An easy and quick recipe to make and that has many health benefits.

Pineapple and orange juice. Orange and pineapple smoothie recipe. On hot days, children also suffer the effects of high temperatures. That is why you can follow our recipe for children of pineapple and orange smoothie, a light drink.

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