Why did your parents choose that name for you?

Why did your parents choose that name for you?

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This weekend my two-year-old son, for some unknown reason, began to say that when he had a son he would call him 'popopoto'. This strange name has made us laugh a lot, especially his older brother, who is also clear that he will have two children: a boy and a girl, and their names will be Alejandro and Ana. This has made me think about how he has chosen my family and friends the names of their children and what people use to find their baby's name.

I'll start with myself. My name is Alba because when my mother was young, her sister, my aunt, excitedly told her that she had read a book whose protagonist was called that. My mother had chosen the name Lara for me, but at the last minute she changed it to this one because she found it very beautiful.

When I was little nobody knew Alba's name and he always had to repeat it twice. When they heard it they would either frown or say something like 'oh, what a strange name' It bothered me so much that sometimes I chose to call myself Laura, a more common and simple name. Today, however, my name tops the lists of most frequent names in Spanish.

Among the older people, I have found many people who bear the name of the saint of the day, a tradition that was deeply rooted a few years ago, especially in the inhabitants of towns and villages. As well It has been and is very common to receive the name of the parents and thus perpetuate it from generation to generation. In my husband's family, due to a much loved great-great-grandmother named Mariana, in all generations someone has borne his name.

Some friends and followers of They tell us that their parents gave them their name in memory of a very dear family member that he died, so that his memory would continue to live in that way. It is like a tribute or a tribute to that loved one. And it is that, all the names have a history behind, what is yours?

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