The most popular names in Costa Rica for girls

The most popular names in Costa Rica for girls

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Parents are looking forward to the arrival of the baby. But now a world of preparations and decisions opens up, such as naming the girl who is about to arrive. It is not always an easy decision and you have to choose a beautiful name according to the personality of the baby.

In Costa Rica they are clear that they prefer traditional names for their girls and are not influenced by passing fads. Thus, in the list of frequent names in this country we find very familiar and well-known names for girls that maintain strength and all the attractiveness.

1. Jimena. Jimena or Ximena is a name of Basque origin that stands out for its originality and for that touch of nobility and distinction it brings. It is one of the most charismatic names for girls capable of reinforcing the personality of the person who wears it.

2. Sofia. It is a name of Greek origin and its meaning contains all the wisdom and desire for knowledge. It is especially liked for the sweetness that its musicality inspires and because it maintains a traditional flavor without being worn out.

3. Valeria. The name has a Latin origin with a meaning in which we find all the strength and vigor that your girl needs. We are facing one of the most attractive names for girls that stands out for its sophistication and elegance.

4. Mariángel. This name results from the combination of a name of Hebrew origin, Maria, with another name of Greek origin, Angel. The result is a name full of harmony and balance and with all the strength that a long tradition gives it.

5. Maria Fernanda. The Hebrew origin of Maria joins the Germanic origin of Fernanda in one of the combinations preferred by Latin families. The name tastes of nobility and distinction and remains unremarkable in popularity.

6. Mariana. It is a derivative of one of the most frequent names for girls, María, but in this version her beauty appears redoubled and softened by her musicality. In addition, it gives off a great force that supports tradition, making it ideal for your girl.

7. María José. In this combination of Hebrew origin we find the balance that the opposites give. An ultra feminine name, such as María, accompanied by another name of Hebrew origin, but in this case masculine. The resulting combination is one of the most popular names for girls.

8. Valentina. It is a name of Latin origin that is always original and even modern despite its use. In addition, it sounds sophisticated, delicate and elegant, making it the ideal name to enhance your girl's personality.

9. Maria Paula. We know well this name of Hebrew origin, which is Maria, this time combined with another name of Latin origin, Paula, which comes out of the combination reinforced. Both names work well together or separately due to the character they print.

10. Maria Celeste. In this case, Maria combines with a name of Latin origin, Celeste, which comes from the Punic goddess who ruled the skies. There are few names like Celeste so appropriate to highlight the immense happiness that your girl provides you.

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