My pets. Short poem with rhyme for children

Animals bring many benefits to children. Poetry, too. Therefore, a poem about animals brings many advantages. Four pets are described in this poem: a dog, a cat, a turtle and a parrot.

Use this short rhyming poem to practice describing animals with children and talking about what it means to have a pet at home.

I have a kitten

very small,

with blue eyes,

her name is Blanquito.

When night comes,

always accompanies me,

curls into a ball,

sleep in my bed.

I have a big dog

of enormous size,

with brown eyes,

His name is Chestnut.

When I arrive home,

bring my sneakers,

He sits beside me

and I tickle him.

I have a parrot

of many colors,

talks up a storm,

it's called Dolores.

All sounds

with his voice he imitates,

the doorbell

and my grandmother Rita.

I have a turtle

whose name is Rosa,

if you see me arrive

she gets nervous.

These animals

they are my pets,

Blanquita and CastaƱo,

Dolores and Rosa.

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