Kuichú's donkey. Chinese short stories

Kuichú's donkey. Chinese short stories

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Kuichú's donkey It is an anonymous Chinese tale. A legend that teaches children that it is not convenient to show all our weaknesses to others, especially when they do not come as friends.

Reading stories to children stimulates them in many ways: it improves their vocabulary, enhances their creativity, they deepen their emotions and they learn about the world.

An ass had never been seen in Kuichú, until the day when an eccentric, eager for novelties, had one carried by ship. But since he did not know what to use it for, he released it in the mountains.

A tiger, seeing such a strange creature, took it for a divinity. He watched him hidden in the forest, until he ventured out of the jungle, always keeping a prudent distance.

One day the donkey brayed at length and the tiger ran in fear. But he turned and thought that, despite everything, this divinity must not be so terrible. Already used to the braying of the donkey, he approached her, but without risking more than necessary.

When he was confident, he began to take some liberties, brushing against him, giving him a push, annoying him every moment, until the furious ass kicked him. 'So this is what he knows how to do', said the tiger. And jumping on the donkey he devoured it

Poor ass! It looked powerful because of its size, and fearsome because of its braying. If he had not shown all his talent with the kick, the ferocious tiger would never have dared to attack him. But with his kick the donkey signed his death warrant.

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