The 10 most beneficial sports for children with Down syndrome

The 10 most beneficial sports for children with Down syndrome

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Sports help improve the physical fitness of children with Down syndrome. They help them fight obesity and also become a very helpful tool with which to improve their health and provide them with psychosocial benefits such as becoming aware of their achievements and also of their difficulties by eliminating stress. They also help them to socialize and work as a team.

Due to its reduced carpal respiratory resistance short-term sports are recommended or in those who take frequent breaks, with which they also help their attention to grow.

It is important to do a physical examination before starting any sport, especially in the case of children with Down syndrome. However, limiting physical exercise is only fair if there is a medical injury.

Training and exercises have to be according to the child's age, and it is always advisable to take several breaks, to prevent them from getting tired and to better capture their attention.

It is important not to forget to provide water during exercise, exercises to be thought of as games so they are fun and attractive.

1. Swimming: contact and adaptation to the aquatic environment favors the psychomotor development of children with Down syndrome. Swimming helps them re-educate their posture and contributes to achieving self-control of movements and also stimulates their circulation, giving them greater autonomy.

2. Tennis and Paddle: In addition to stimulating reflexes, the practice of tennis and paddle tennis improves coordination and psychomotor skills, and increases the reaction capacity and agility of children with Down syndrome.

3. Futsal: practicing this sport improves physical condition and encourages teamwork. It also contributes to improving their social skills.

4. Pilates: increases flexibility and agility, eliminates stress and muscle tension, contributes to improving knowledge of one's body as well as strengthening muscle tone and coordination.

5. Rugby: Although it may seem like a violent sport, it is a noble sport in which the entire team is useful since each player is important, which gives children with Down Syndrome the feeling of companionship, of being one of the group and it enriches the coexistence in addition to helping to improve their physical condition.

6. Athletics: It is a sport, which combines physical activity and play, and facilitates socialization and helps to acquire basic skills such as running, jumping or throwing.

7. Martial arts: these types of sports have benefits at all cognitive, motor, psychomotor and socio-emotional levels, and provide physical qualities such as flexibility, endurance or strength and motor skills such as coordination and balance.

8. Soccer: Soccer practice improves muscle strength, body posture, general coordination, spatial orientation and balance.

9. Basketball: Thanks to basketball, children with Down Syndrome improve their coordination and concentration, develop their muscles and also their self-discipline.

10. Rhythmic gymnastics: stimulates coordination and develops flexibility and muscle strength in children with Down syndrome.

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