How are perfectionist children

How are perfectionist children

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Perfectionist children are extremely demanding of themselves, they set goals that are practically impossible to achieve, and if the result is very good but not perfect they will get angry.

The most common age at which this syndrome of perfectionism develops is from 4 to 7 years. It is from this age when parents begin to realize the level of demand of their child with himself. But ... what are the causes of these children demanding so much of themselves?

It is difficult to know what its causes are. Certain specialists point out that those affected sThey usually live in a very strict family context, in which the ability to perform any activity with excellence is highly valued. In this way, the little one feels that he will only be loved by his parents if he is perfect.

However, there are those who point out that some perfectionist children They grow up in environments where the opposite is true: they are lax and permissive with the rules or does not value doing homework correctly. They tend to be family environments, very poor emotionally and intellectually and, therefore, the child 'separates' from them by taking refuge in this perfectionist tendency. What the experts do agree on is that it is a disorder related to low self-esteem and the need to feel loved.

1. Being insecure children, they prefer to always do the same activities, those who know that they are doing well, before trying something new for fear that it will go wrong.

2. His search for perfection it produces anxiety.

3. They are very sensitive to those who think about them, and do not consider that doing something well is enough. They think it should be perfect.

4. On the other hand, it is good to want to be a little better every day, in fact the goal should be to learn from mistakes and be a little better each time. The problem is that these perfectionist kids do not enjoy achievements enough. They are very critical of themselves and, despite their excellent academic results, they always think that they could have done better. They don't understand that doing something very well is already worth it. This anxiety to want more and better does not allow to enjoy what is obtained immediately, in the present. All the energy is put into what they are going to become, in the future.

5. They constantly seek to please parents. Parents are their reference and these children seek their constant approval. Therefore, they try to be the best and they are afraid to disappoint them.

6. They tolerate little frustration. It hurts them a lot to lose or not be able to do something perfectly. They really panic at failure.

7. They are introverts. It is difficult for them to express their feelings.

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