Chocolate Easter eggs. Recipe for kids

Chocolate Easter eggs. Recipe for kids

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The Easter holidays are a good time to cook some curious and fun recipes with the children. For this time we can prepare a sweet that you will love: chocolate Easter eggs. They will be able to make them and then give them away to family and friends.

This simple recipe for children does not require just any materials, it will be very fun to continue the beautiful custom of preparing Easter eggs with chocolate, decorating them and hiding them so that the children are the ones to look for them to eat them.


  • 500 gr of fondant chocolate (black, white, with milk ...)
  • Appropriate molds for eggs (silicone ones better)
  • 1 kitchen brush
  • Tips: to decorate the eggs you can melt white or milk chocolate to draw pictures on the eggshell. How you like it more

On our site we have prepared a simple, easy and very inexpensive recipe to invite children to the kitchen. We teach you how to make personalized Easter eggs, step by step:

1. Melt the chocolate in a water bath or microwave. Keep the heat low to prevent the chocolate from thickening, we leave it on the fire for approximately 3 or 4 minutes, stirring without stopping.

2. Grab the mold by the edges. Dip the brush into the chocolate and brush the mold from the center outward to adhere well to the walls. Brush the mold once with the chocolate, let it rest in the fridge for 10 minutes and repeat this process 3 times.

3. Unmold the chocolate eggs and with the help of a brush, paint the edges of each half of the egg with chocolate.

4. Next, place candies or another little surprise inside the egg and join the two halves of the egg. Take them to the fridge to solidify.

5. Wrap the egg in cellophane, if it is transparent it will be more beautiful, and tie with a ribbon or simply staple it.

6. Place several chocolate eggs in a basket and ...HAPPY EASTER!

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