Intelligence is inherited from mothers

Intelligence is inherited from mothers

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Yes, it seems like a controversial sentence, but science affirms it and confirms it: intelligence is inherited from the mother. It is the mother who passes on the genes related to the IQ.

Does this mean that intelligent children will be born from an intelligent mother? Why then does a mother with several children have one more intelligent than another?

The intelligence gene (it has already been shown on numerous occasions that it has a high hereditary component), is located on the X chromosome (As demonstrated by the American scientist Robert Lehrke). Since the mother contributes two X chromosomes (XX), she would have twice the chance of passing it on. Since then, numerous studies have been carried out which have determined that it is indeed the mother who transmits intelligence to the children in a higher percentage.

But ... how was it done? By genetic manipulation of mice. Mice with higher doses of maternal genes were created. And mice with more paternal genes. In the first case, the mice were born with a larger brain and a smaller body, while in the second case, the mice had a smaller brain but a larger body. From there it was discovered that the brain has areas with the majority of maternal cells and other areas that have only paternal cells. And not only that: cells with genes of paternal origin accumulated in the area of ​​the brain that has to do with food, survival and sex, while cells of maternal origin accumulated in the brain area of ​​language development, intelligence, thinking and planning.

That is to say: intelligence is wounded from the mother and emotions from the father. Surprising.

These studies show that mothers pass on an ability, an IQ to their children. In fact, it is estimated that intelligence is inherited up to 60% (which the child may later develop or not). But intelligence does not depend only on this factor. The remaining 40% depends on these others:

- The emotional bond that exists between the parents and the baby. In fact, children who are more attached to their parents develop more facility to overcome frustration and solve their problems. In this regard, there are also studies that favor the mother.

- The child's ability to adapt to changes.

- The ability to solve a problem.

- The autonomy and independence of the child.

- The trust and the child's self-esteem.

- Values such as effort, perseverance and the child's determination and interest in learning.

As the field of the brain that activates the ability to solve problems and the rational part is more involved in the area where male cells accumulate, in this aspect, the father would also have a lot to do with it. Therefore ... the result of the study says, yes, the intelligence of the children can be 60% inherited from the mother and 40% determined by the father. Also, IQ isn't everything ...

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