Happy dreams for pregnant woman

Have you had sleep problems during pregnancy? One of the most frequent complaints of women, especially in the first three months of pregnancy, is sleepiness and fatigue. Both the quantity and the quality of sleep during pregnancy are often altered. Increased levels of progesterone make the woman feel much more tired during the day in early pregnancy, more normal in the second trimester, but in the third trimester some situations can affect her sleep again.

Although these changes in a woman's sleep appear normal during pregnancy, it is known that they can pose risks to both mother and baby. The lack and the sleep apnea As well as sleep apnea, they can cause great discomfort in women and cause complications such as low weight, heart and metabolic problems for their baby. It is also known that there are some factors that can cause sleep apnea to increase during pregnancy. Obesity and gestational diabetes are some of them. Studies have shown that almost half of obese pregnant women suffer from sleep apnea.

Other factors can also disturb a woman's sleep during pregnancy: back pain, discomfort to find a position to lie down due to the size of the belly, hemorrhoids, hormonal changes, nausea, heartburn and gas. .. although they can be treated and controlled. He hasand safe and effective therapies, such as acupuncture, that can help improve gestational sleep. It is best that you consult your doctor.

Apart from what the doctor says, there are some very homemade habits that can help women to relax before bed:

- Avoid using electronic devices

- Avoid caffeine consumption during pregnancy

- Take a bath or shower with lukewarm water

- Do relaxation and breathing exercises or yoga

- Always lie on your side

- Put a pillow between the legs to relieve the spine

- Take a nap whenever possible

- Avoid drinking water so as not to have to go to the bathroom at night

- Drink a glass of warm milk or a relaxing infusion

- Ask the partner to give you a calming massage

- Make sleep your priority

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