The hyena and the hare. African child legend

The hyena and the hare. African child legend

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Some hyenas have scratched skin. This African legend explain why. In addition, it is a legend that transmits values ​​to us and tells us about lies, selfishness and cunning

Use legends and short stories to educate your children. They are beautiful stories that explain very well what concepts such as selfishness, envy or deception.

Legend has it that a long, long time ago, in the savannah there lived a hyena and a hare who were very good friends. But the hyena was tricking the hare, and every time the hare caught a big fish, it was the hyena who ate it. To achieve this, the hyena invented trick games and agreed with the hare that whoever won the fish would eat the fish. She always won. He was always cheating.

But the hare got tired. And one day the hare caught a big fish and warned the hyena:

- Today is my day! Today I will eat this big fish by myself!

But the hyena replied:

- Don't do it, hare, this fish is too big for such a small stomach. It will go bad before you can eat it all.

- Well, it's true- said the hare- But it doesn't matter: I'll put it on the coals at night in small pieces to preserve it. It will be very tasty!

The hyena was dying of envy. I couldn't stop thinking about the hare fish. I had to get it! She had to eat it! So he thought of a plan to satisfy his selfishness.

Night came, and the hyena crossed the river, careful not to make noise. He walked over to where the hare slept. Next to him he could see the grill with small pieces of fish. It smelled terrific! The hyena was licking its lips with delight, and laughing at the hare. He imagined the surprise he would be in when he woke up to find his fish stolen.

But what the hyena didn't know is that the hare actually pretended to be asleepBut she was awake and very attentive to what the hyena was doing. And when the hyena grabbed the first piece of fish, the hare got up quickly, grabbed the grill that was on top of the fire and running after the hyena hit him with it, while the hyena howled in pain, anger and rage.

The hyena ended up with the entire body marked with the bars of the grill and since then many hyenas have scratched skin and they hate hares.

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