What parents can learn from children

What parents can learn from children

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Growing up is not easy. Growing means winning and losing. We gain maturity, we learn ... but we are gradually losing and extinguishing certain behaviors and attitudes of children such as spontaneity, curiosity and the ability to surprise at things that seem normal to adults. Perhaps these capacities are dormant within us and when we have children they wake up at times.

Our children are little trunks of surprises and teachings, if we stop to observe, listen and follow them, we will learn much more from them than they from us. My daughter has always taught me more than I have taught her, and surely the same thing happens in many families. Do you want to know what you can learn from your children? Follow some ideas:

1- Children are a well of creativity, imagination and fantasy. It would be good for us to try new sensations, sometimes put reason aside and dive into emotions and illusions.

2- Children are not carried away by prejudices and obsessions. We could do nothing wrong if we lived with more freedom of thought and attitudes without being carried away by what others will say. Life is simple, we are the ones who complicate it.

3- Children are curious by nature. Everything is new to them. It could do us no harm if sometimes we open our eyes and look at everything as if it were the first time. We are sure that we will always find something new.

4- Children make friends very easily, at school, in the park and even in the waiting room for a medical consultation. We could use no harm looking at people more, being nice to them. It is useless to lock ourselves in our "cage" and live only from our beliefs.

5- Children can be disappointed when something does not go wrong, but they are never discouraged. Your dreams are still there, waiting for them to come true. We could do nothing wrong if we followed his attitude. May we always return to dreams, despite obstacles, barriers and difficulties.

6- Children learn from their mistakes. When they hurt themselves for something they don't do it again. Little by little they learn what is really good or bad for him. It wouldn't hurt if we saw things this way. That we learn to value the good and stay away from the bad.

7- Children take advantage of everything, even a cardboard box. They do not get bored. They put things together with the opportunity to play. They even play with a simple piece of paper. We could do nothing wrong if we also did not miss the opportunity to transform our moments into something beneficial and productive. We have no reason to be bored.

8- Children are very generous with others because what they want is to share, learn from others. It would not hurt us if we gave something or a moment to others. When we reach out to the hearts of others, we become more generous and caring.

9- Children are free and independent people, they want to learn and do everything on their own. It would not hurt to awaken our autonomy at home and at work. Let's not expect others to do things for us, and don't blame them for not getting us done.

10- Children are happy, curious, spontaneous, magical…. Where have we left this ability to smile and laugh at oneself, to be who we really are without concealment or masks…? When have we stopped being children?

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