The elephant and the rain. African legend for kids

The elephant and the rain. African legend for kids

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There are legends that convey more than one value. And legends that want to send us an important message. The legend, in short, is a story that contains a teaching, and that passes from generation to generation.

In 'The Elephant and the Rain'It not only talks about how important water is to live, but about how important it is to share. Water is a common good, it is not owned by anyone. That is why you have to take care of it and distribute it among all.

Legend has it that a long time ago, an elephant said to the rain:

- You must be very happy. Thanks to you the earth is green and has trees and flowers. But what if all of a sudden he started pulling all the plants?

The rain was surprised, then enraged. And he warned the elephant that it would stop sending water to Earth if it spoiled all the plants.

But the elephant, in addition to being curious, he was very arrogant, and decided to trample the grass, flowers and plants. He felled the trees and left the land desolate.

The rain then stopped sending water, and the ground began to dry up.

The elephant began to be thirsty. I could not find water to drink. The elephant was so thirsty that he talked to the rooster. He asked her to go talk to the rain and ask for water.

The rain was moved when it saw the rooster arrive and sent water. He managed to form a puddle in front of the elephant's house. The elephant then decided that the pool was only his and he was not going to let any animal drink from it. He left the rooster as guardian so that no one would come near.

Many thirsty animals arrived, but the rooster told them that they could not drink, because the puddle belonged to the elephant and he did not want to share it. But the lion rebelled and said that he would drink the same way. The rooster, which was afraid of him, turned away. And since the lion drank from the puddle, the other animals decided to do the same.

When the elephant returned, the pool had almost no water. But far from getting angry, and when he heard the rooster tell what happened, he realized how thirsty all the animals were and how selfish he had been. I was very sorry.

The rain, which heard him cry, understood that at last the elephant had learned its lesson, and returned to bring water to the earth. Plants, trees and grass sprouted.

Since then, all animals have known that they must take care of plants and that water is a common and very precious good. what should they share.

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