The most popular names in El Salvador for girls

The most popular names in El Salvador for girls

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All parents want a special name for her girls, which is why choosing the name is sometimes so difficult. Following the family tradition, choosing a simple name or letting yourself be carried away by fashions are some of the most helpful options when looking for a name.

In The Savior they are clear that they prefer traditional names for their girls, with a familiar flavor. For this reason, in the list of frequent names in this country we find traditional names and with a special peculiarity: that they are all compound names.

1. Teresa Jesus. This compound name is the result of the union of a name of Latin origin, Teresa, plus a name of Hebrew origin, Jesus. It has the peculiarity of combining a feminine name with a masculine one and the result is one of the most attractive names for girls.

2. Maria Angeles. The Hebrew origin of Maria joins the Greek origin of Angels to form a compound name for a girl that exudes sweetness and musicality. In its meaning we find both good news and the protection of angels.

3. Maria Elena. The quintessential name for a girl, María, in this case joins a name of Greek origin, Elena, in one of the combinations that delight girls. It is a name that contains all the weight of history and a touch of very special delicacy.

4. Ana Maria. This compound name results from the union of two names of Hebrew origin, both with a great presence in the lists of frequent names for girls throughout the Hispanic world. And it doesn't surprise us, because both Ana and María are capable of reinforcing the personality of any girl.

5. Ana Elizabeth. Ana's Hebrew origin joins the English version of another Hebrew name, Elizabeth. It is a name that is composed that combines the sweetness of Ana with the sophistication of Elizabeth, so it can easily become the perfect name for your girl.

6. Carmen Elena. It is a name that combines the Latin origin of Carmen with the Greek origin of Elena. Both names have a great personality and that is why they appear frequently both alone and in other combinations. This compound name is very feminine and delicate.

7. Maria Julia. The Hebrew origin of María joins the Latin origin of Julia to form a name that tastes of tradition and is very familiar. Its strength lies in having been able to stay current without being worn out by time.

8. Ana Mercedes. Ana's familiarity is linked to a name of Latin origin, Mercedes, in whose meaning we find the value of the reward. Thus, this compound name is ideal for your girl that is a blessing for your family.

9. Flor Maria. The Latin origin of Flor is combined with the most classic of names for girls, María, to form a name evocative of beauty and the pleasures of nature. In addition, this name stands out for the simplicity of its compounds.

10. Maria Carmen. This name made up of María, of Hebrew origin, and Carmen, of Latin origin, is one of the strongest names for girls. Packed with strength, energy and creativity, the name is perfect to enhance your little girl's charisma.

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