18 month old baby. Baby development month by month

18 month old baby. Baby development month by month

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At eighteen months the babies are precious. Is a magic stage, every day they learn something new and sometimes not good. The little one is forging his character and even smiles before committing a rogue act.

Most already know that when something falls or we hide it, it is somewhere and they look for it despite not seeing it. Some babies begin to understand the issue of limitations and cry if they cannot do what they want so much.

Thebaby She is already around the house, in the park, and she loves going out to the park and playing with the sand, going up on the slide and feeling free on the swings. These activities will help you develop your motor skills better and build your character tomorrow.

In books, he also recognizes animals and relates them to the sounds they make. And, thanks to his growing skill with fingers and hands, he manages to turn two or three pages of a magazine at a time.

The baby clearly demonstrates what he wants and what he does not want, during meals, walks, and activities. He no longer wants to be in his seat with the belt. Try to get out of it anyway. At home, it shows that you want to participate in housework, such as sweeping the house, dusting, etc.

The baby understands what you ask for simple commands. Listen to a story, looking at the pictures and naming the objects that you see and know. It can warn when the diaper is wet.

The baby recognizes his parents, siblings, friends, and other closest relatives, if he sees you in a photograph. He knows who they are, he is even able to say their names.

It is convenient for the baby to sit down with the rest of the family to eat and feel integrated into family meals. It is also a way of learning.

You can now drink from your own glass so you have to gradually withdraw the use of the bottle. You can also eat using the spoon.

At this age, he will also respond positively to artistic stimuli. Play finger painting with him. He likes games and paintings, but also songs, try playing the five little wolves with him, they will love it!

The baby's reasoning begins to evolve. To pick up an object that fell under the bed, for example, you will no longer use only your hands. If necessary, he will look for a stick or something similar to reach it. You can help him use reason with simple games like esdondite.

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