Benefits of the flute for children

Benefits of the flute for children

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Music offers innumerable advantages to children since they are inside their mother's gut. According to experts, the sooner they begin to interact with the musical environment, the better to stimulate their intellectual, sensory, emotional and also physical development.

At an early age it can be introduced in the form of a game relating music and movement and around the age of 5 children can begin to use the flute, for example, ideal as a first instrument, since it does not weigh, it is manageable at the time to touch, it is easy to transport and easy to clean and maintain.

1. Improves the cognitive skills of the child as it stimulates their memory.

2. Increase your IQ.

3. Develops their mathematical ability, since the child has to count notes and rhythms

4. Improve your reading and comprehension skills.

5. The ability to concentrate is increased since they have to think about the note, its rhythm, its duration, and how to interpret it.

6. Playing an instrument also helps the child to improve his intonation.

7. Interpretation of sheet music benefits you when learning other languages.

- Playing the flute stimulates the parts of the brain that control the motor, intellectual, auditory, sensory, and speech skills. It also improves the coordination and motor skills of the child's fingers-hand-eye when reading the score, translating it and interpreting it on the flute.

- The respiratory system of the child also shows a significant improvement since they learn to expel the correct air and increase the oxygenation of the organism without realizing it. By playing this instrument the child also tones his lungs.

- Playing the flute also improves the child's spatial intelligence and contributes to stimulating your body expression.

But the flute not only brings physical benefits to children. Also emotional:

- Helps them increase his artistic sensibility.

- They develop empathy with others, as they have to listen to themselves and others.

They acquire greater responsibility and discipline since it requires time and effort to rehearse the scores, and they also have to take care of the instrument.

- Improve their self-esteem when they see their evolution.

Increase your social skills and team when they play in a group.

- Decreases your stage fright.

Helps children relieve tension and stress, being of great help for example in case of disorders such as autism or depression.

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