The most popular names in Argentina for boys

The most popular names in Argentina for boys

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There are many factors that influence when choosing the name of the baby. In each family, as well as in each area, they are governed by a different criterion. Some parents prefer to be more original and put a little known name; others follow the tradition of family names giving your baby the same name as the father and grandfather. In the same way, in each country there are different trends in children's names. TV characters, movie stars or famous athletes are role models to draw inspiration from.

In Argentina, as in so many countries, they are carried away by fashions and that results in unusual children's names. However, in the list of frequent names in Argentina, the top ten positions are occupied by traditional names, timeless and with a special characteristic: Argentine families prefer compound names. Thus you are assured of success in choosing the name for your child.

1. Michelangelo. It is a name that combines a Hebrew origin, that of Miguel, with the Greek origin of Angel. Both are frequent names throughout the Hispanic world and enjoy the privilege of those traditional names that have not lost their freshness. In addition, Michelangelo evokes the great Italian Renaissance artist.

2. Juan Carlos. The name combines the Hebrew origin of Juan with the Germanic origin of Carlos. These are two strong names, traditional and with a great traditional flavor. A sure hit for any child both in its compound form and using each name separately.

3. Carlos Alberto. A totally Germanic origin for this compound name that contains all the force of tradition. They are two common names that bring charisma and personality to any child and that are very familiar.

4. José Luis. Combining the Hebrew origin of José with the Germanic origin of Luis begins to be familiar among the most popular names for boys in Argentina. Both names are traditional and maintain their freshness, making it the ideal compound name for any boy.

5. Juan Manuel. This compound name finds a Hebrew origin for both forms. These are two separate frequent names that, when joined, result in a name that evokes nobility and distinction. In addition, Juan Manuel respects tradition without losing originality.

6. Juan Pablo. The Hebrew origin of Juan is accompanied by the Latin origin of the name Pablo. It is a compound name with all the flavor of the biblical tradition. Both are frequent names with a long tradition in Spanish-speaking countries that is perfect for reinforcing the special character of a child.

7. Luis Alberto. The forcefulness of a Germanic origin surrounds this compound name that does not cease to attract us by that union between strength and sensitivity. It is a name with a special sonority that combines two frequent and very familiar names.

8. Nicolas. Among the large number of compound names, this singular and special name of Greek origin that speaks of victory and success is found in the list of frequent names in Argentina. It is a traditional name but with an original and distinguished touch that is difficult to match.

9. Juan José. It is a compound name of Hebrew origin that contains all the weight of the biblical tradition. It is not surprising that it is on the list of frequent names in Argentina because both names, together or separately, are very familiar and stand out for their simplicity.

10. Juan Ignacio. The Hebrew origin of the classic and frequent Juan combines with the Latin origin of Ignacio to form one of the most attractive compound names in the Hispanic world. The union of the two names emanates nobility and height, in addition to maintaining a long tradition in terms of family names.

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