5 most popular games for children in Argentina

5 most popular games for children in Argentina

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The children's hobbies have evolved over the years, although today, many so-called classic games are still the main entertainment for children. New technologies have diminished the role of traditional games for children, but even so, they continue to be an essential element in child development.

Currently in Argentina, games like 'La taba' have been falling into disuse, but another like 'The hideout' continues to be part of children's entertainment. Children's entertainment has evolved, so much so that children now have fun without leaving the house. Anyway, it is still nice to go through a park or a schoolyard and see children running around like in the old days.

From Guiainfantil we have chosen5 of the most popular Argentine games so that the children know a little more about those hobbies with which their parents and grandparents had fun.

- Kingfisher. This game is part of Argentine folklore, largely influenced by Spanish traditions. Precisely in Spain this game is known as 'Pass misí, pasa misá', a hobby that has been falling into disuse but that there are still children who play, especially at school recess. His way of playing is very simple: two children stand facing each other in an arch with their arms. One of them must be Angel and the other Devil. The rest will form a line and have to cross while they recite a song. At the end of this, the child who remains in the arms of the Angel and the Devil must choose who to stay with to form a team. When all the children have been captured, the two sides will pull a rope to say who will be the winner.

- The tug of war It is one of the most fun children's games. Its rules are very simple and with only three people it is enough to play it. One of them must be in the center, while the other two must take a rope, one from each end. The one in the center will sing the following song: 'In tug of war I lost my thimble; When I say PULL you have to pull ... (The boys have to pull the end of the rope) When I say LOOSE you have to loosen ... (The boys loosen the tension of the rope) 'If one of the two fails, he must choose between 'garment' and 'penance', having to release a garment of his or perform some test sent by the rest. To make it much more fun, the one in the center will have to increase the pace while reciting the song.

The tabas. This game has already been almost completely forgotten. Many will have heard their grandparents talk about the game of 'Las tabas' but few have had the pleasure of spending the afternoon entertaining with this pastime. To be able to play an essential element is necessary, the taba, which is the cow's heel bone. Two teams are formed and each one stands in a row. Two lines at least two meters apart must be marked on the ground.

From the first line the players of each team (one by one) throw the tab in order to overcome the second line. The taba can fall in different positions:

- The tobacco falls with the smooth side up. The player wins. - The tobacco falls with the hollow part up. The player loses. - If the tab falls from any other position it is not valid. - The blind chicken. Rare is the place where 'Blind Chicken' is not played, and this type of pastime is very popular in different parts of the world, although in some it changes its name. To play this game you need a minimum of four people and a small textile garment, usually a handkerchief.

Then the participants draw to see who starts flirting,which will have to cover his eyes with the garment and turn on himself singing the following song: 'Blind chicken, what have you lost? A needle and a thimble on the Cuesta del Totoral. What are you doing? Playing with the black ones. What meat do you want to eat? People's meat, or goose bumps? People's meat. Well, go around and go looking. ' When the song ends, the chicken will have to try to catch the rest of the children without removing the blindfold.

- The great bonnet. Many will remember playing the 'Big Bonnet' during their childhood. This game requires concentration and cunning by its participants. The children should sit in a circle and in the center will be the one who plays the Big Bonnet. Each participant will be assigned a color. The game will begin when the Great Bonnet recites the following phrase: 'The Great Bonnet has lost a bird and says that Black has it' (pointing to any of the participants, whether the latter has the named color or not, to try confuse them).

If the child with black color is attentive, he should say:

- Me, sir?

- Yes sir.

- No sir.

- Well, then who has it?

- The green!

The child who answers without having the mentioned color will write down a garment and when he accumulates three he will have to pay a penance.

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