Liar duckling. Modern fables

Liar duckling. Modern fables

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The liar duckling It is a modern fable that parents can read aloud to their children to explain that when someone believes himself to be a liar, even if he tells the truth, others will question him. A cautionary tale about sincerity.

A lying duckling fell into what looked like a quagmire and, instead of wasting energy asking for help, he swam quickly the little that separated him from the shore and went with Papa Duck to tell him about his adventure.

As he was a fairly evolved duckling, he said:

-Dad, a big oil puddle is forming over there.

- What is going to be oil! answered the voice of experience.

It will be a puddle like any other.

"It's oil," the duckling insisted, "and you can drown if you fall inside."

- Bah! It is inconceivable that you believe in lies. Come on, I'll show you that it's not and to get the complex out of you I'll fuck him.

Papa Duck looked for some clumps neither too low nor too high to launch from there and he glided so well that he landed right in the center of the puddle. So he swam and swam, but he couldn't get back to shore because it was just viscous heavy oil.

Moral: in the mouth of the liar, the truth becomes doubtful

Author: Teresa Méndez-Faith

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