Layette. The first clothes and accessories for the baby

Layette. The first clothes and accessories for the baby

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Surely some of you will already be counting the days until the birth of your baby. The commitment and responsibility that now begins, is usually accompanied by many questions and uncertainties regarding the care and education that you intend to give your baby. One of the doubts that parents have is about what they have to buy clothes, accessories and accessories for when your baby is born.

It should be considered that clothes are usually the most recurring gift from family and friends. Therefore, it is advisable that parents do not buy a lot of clothes as babies grow and change sizes quickly.

What is recommended is that they have everything necessary and indispensable, in terms of clothes and accessories, before the baby is born. We call this a 'basket' and it should be made up of:

- T-shirts made of fabric or cotton jersey

- Disposable diapers

- Cotton briefs or frocks

- One-piece, long-sleeved or short-sleeved bodys (depending on the time of year).

- Wool or cotton cardigan (depending on the time of year)

- Pants with foot

- Pajamas

- Hat and gloves to go out

- Bibs

- Toquilla.

On the other hand, it is recommended that the first clothes be made of cotton, and that they be easy to put on and take off. Avoid too many decorations as well as laces, because they can disturb the baby. And do not forget that in the first month after the baby is born, the clothes should be washed apart from the other family clothes, if possible by hand and with a mild soap.

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