Miss Marisa. Children's story about reading

Miss Marisa. Children's story about reading

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Miss Marisa is a story that talks about the benefits of reading for children. A perfect children's story to enhance the habit of reading in the little ones.

Miss Marisa was the school librarian and she adored books. He was always going from one class to another carrying books with his very thin little arms. The children who were new to school looked at her with a little fear at first… she was so serious! But as soon as they talked to her about books, they realized that in reality, Miss Marisa was the funniest teacher in school.

He used to dress in strident colors, he liked to jump rope and play hide-and-seek, and he always suggested strange games to them, such as that time he forced the fifth graders to wear huge glasses to read Manolito Gafotas, or when he brought a broom to read 'The Little Witch'. He also knew so much ... There was no book that had not been read!

For this reason, Miss Marisa always waited for the last day of class to give all the students of the school a list of books to read in the summer. He especially liked to recommend the great adventure classics. At first, the children, who only thought about enjoying the summer, did not pay much attention to Miss Marisa, but when the weeks passed and they began to get bored of the heat, the pool and the pipes, many ended up reading some of the recommendations of the Miss Marisa. And when September finally arrived, the children would tell the teacher what those books had seemed to them.

- How I liked Treasure Island!

- Well, I had a great time with the three musketeers!

Miss Marisa listened to them excitedly and her serious face turned cheerful and she never stopped smiling.

However, that June the children realized that something was wrong with Miss Marisa.

"I've been doing my research," Fabi exclaimed one day, a fourth-year girl who loved mystery novels.

- He must have fallen in love. That's why he sighs so much! - Elsa exclaimed, who was in fifth grade and had started reading romantic books.

"He must have gotten tired of books," said Ismael, who preferred to draw comics than read the stories without pictures that he was sent in sixth grade.

- It's not that - Fabi interrupted - as I told you, I've been investigating and I already know what's wrong: Miss Marisa is retiring!

The children were very surprised and also a little sad. What would the school library be without that strange woman and her wild ideas? But there was nothing they could do. This was confirmed by the director:

The only thing you can do is thank her for everything she has done for you to make her feel loved for all these years at school..

But how could they do that? They spent the whole morning mulling over the matter until they finally found a solution.

- What Miss Marisa likes the most are books, so you have to give her a book!

- But which one, if you've already read them all ...

- One just for her. One that we make between all of us.

- And she can be the protagonist.

But since Miss Marisa had already read them all, the children decided to create a book just for her. It would be a book that they would write together and in which she was the protagonist. This is how each one wrote a story, an adventure of Miss Marisa at school, or in the fantasy world of books and they all bound them together. Ismael was in charge of making the illustrations. Although they did not have much time, with a lot of work and everyone's help, the children managed to finish the gift.

When the children went to the library on the last day of class in search of Miss Marisa, they found her sitting in her chair, sadly collecting her last things: two blank notebooks, chalk, colored pencils, markers, scissors, cough drops, three glasses that were left over when they did the Manolito Gafotas activity, a rope that he used to play with with the third graders and some books.

- Miss Marisa, this is for you.

When the teacher opened that package and found that wonderful book full of stories that her children had created just for her he began to laugh and cry at the same time. She filled them with kisses and hugs and very happily distributed all the objects among the children. He no longer needed to take anything home. That book was enough for her and the satisfaction of having made those children love books as much as she loved them.

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