Can I go to the dentist while pregnant?

Can I go to the dentist while pregnant?

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Many women see their teeth very affected during pregnancy. Their gums become more sensitive, spongy and bleeding, the saliva varies its pH favoring the appearance of cavities or aggravating any previous oral ailment, and the day may come when they need to go urgently to the dentist either for a toothache or to receive treatment. suitable so that your mouth does not end in total ruin. Can you do it?

All pregnant women are aware of the contraindications of many medications, anesthetics, X-rays for the health of their babies and, therefore, they are reluctant to go to any medical specialist, other than their usual gynecologist. Ideally, the woman's health status is as good as possible before she becomes pregnant. It is advisable to go to the dentist, take care of your diet or talk to our doctor before you get pregnant, but if you still have dental problems during pregnancy, you should have no qualms about receiving the appropriate treatment for your oral health.

There are safe pain relievers, anesthetics, and antibiotics for the baby during pregnancy. What could start with a toothache could end in a major infection that could put your baby more at risk, so it is better to fight that toothache in time than to suffer its aggravation, although what you should postpone is some treatment or intervention that is not urgent or can wait.

One of the doctors who gave classes to my sister-in-law during the race, commented to them that the little baby that is housed in the womb of pregnant women supposes an invasion for the mother's body, they are like little vampires that develop from ' steal 'calcium and nutrients from the mother, which is why it is so important that the woman starts from a good physical condition before pregnancy, and has adequate prenatal care.

The fact is that, even following all the recommendations, pregnant women may need to go to the dentist or a doctor during their pregnancy to treat a chronic or temporary disease and, therefore, we must know that many times not to put yourself in the hands of the appropriate specialist in its moment can be more dangerous for our son, than to remedy an ailment in time. There are home remedies and alternative to feel relief from some minor illnesses such as colds, flu or dental and gum ailments, but in no case should we let them get worse because of excessive scruples. Do not hesitate to go to the dentist or consult with your doctor for any need in this regard.

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