Benefits of inflating balloons for children

When we think of balloons, the idea of ​​fun immediately comes to mind, but if the act of inflating them can also bring us important advantages for our respiratory system and our speech apparatus well even better.

In the case of children under 8 years of age, and according to a European directive, children can inflate but always with the supervision of an adult due to the risk of suffocation and drowning that it can carry. Uninflated balloons must always be kept out of the reach of children for these reasons too.

1. Greater lung capacity: Inflating balloons children exercise their lungs increasing the amount of air that fits in them. It is therefore an excellent lung exercise.

2. They exercise the diaphragm: In addition to the lungs, inflating balloons also favors the work of the muscles that raise the diaphragm and rib cage.

3. Lip exercise: Strengthen the muscles of the child's lips by repeating the balloon inflation.

4. Improves speech: Improves vocalization and articulation of sounds, making it an ideal exercise for children with dyslalia.

5. Exercise against dyspnea: Through the game or exercise of inflating balloons, dyspnea, the sensation of shortness of breath, which is associated with acute bronchitis, can also be improved.

- We can propose to inflate balloons of different sizes and then decorate them in a fun way.

- Another game can be to inflate the balloons with small blows.

- Inflate the balloons by large puffs using deep and full breaths

- Imagine that we inflate a giant balloon by placing our thumb and index fingers on our lips and the other hand in front of the mouth, which moves symbolically as we release the air, breathing through the nose.

For these exercises to bear fruit it is important to start small. At first it can cause dizziness, but children will constantly increase their lung capacity and improve their speech apparatus.

Cristina González Hernando. Editor of our site

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