Ubuntu, an African legend about cooperation

Ubuntu, an African legend about cooperation

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This beautiful legend leads us to rethink the way we see things. The legend speaks of cooperation, and how by collaborating equality is achieved, and with equality, harmony, and with harmony, happiness.

Ubuntu is a philosophy of life which is based on the principles of loyalty, humility, empathy and respect. Without a doubt, this legend transmits us a fantastic lesson for children and adults.

An anthropologist visited an African village. He wanted to know their culture and find out what their core values ​​were. So he came up with a game for children. He put a basket full of fruit near a tree. And he said the following:

- The first to reach the tree, will keep the basket with fruit.

But when the man gave the signal for the race to start, something unusual happened: the children held hands and began to run together. Arriving at the same time, they all enjoyed the award. They sat and the fruits were distributed.

The anthropologist asked them why they had done that, when one could only have kept the whole basket. One of the children replied:

- 'Ubuntu'. How can one of us be happy if the rest are sad?

The man was impressed by the sensible response of that little boy. Ubuntu, is an old African word that in the Zulu and Xhosa culture means 'I am because we are'. It is a philosophy of life, which consists in believing that by cooperating, harmony is achieved since everyone's happiness is achieved.

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