Very thin children, what to do?

Very thin children, what to do?

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Being a thin child does not necessarily have to be related to being a sick or nutritionally deficient child. Each child has different genetics, and while there are people with a tendency to gain weight, there are also others with a low body mass index and yet he is well fed and healthy.

If the child eats well and varied, it is not necessary to think about it or worry excessively, even if its ribs are guessed, however, the problem lies in children who refuse to eat.

It is rare to see very thin babies. Until the age of 2, their body is usually rounder and not very defined, however, at the beginning of the crawling phase and first steps, the bodies become more stylized and their shapes become more defined.

Some parents show great concern at these stages when their children look too thin, as even sometimes there appears to be only skin and bones. To know if your child is healthy, even if he is thin, it is convenient to analyze:

- Do you eat a healthy and varied diet, following the principles of the nutritional pyramid?

- Is he active, plays, runs and jumps like other children?

- Do you look happy and content?

If the answer to these questions is 'YES', there is no major problem, simply, your child is thin, but healthy. However, if he refuses to eat, is tired, listless and sad, it is advisable that you consult the pediatrician.

In the case of thin children, two things can happen related to the way they eat:

- The child eats abundantly but it is not fattening: no problem at all.

- The child eats a small amount: In this case, before putting our hands to our heads or getting angry with him, it is important to accept that perhaps the portions he needs are less than those of other children. Again knowing if you are eating enough even if it is little, leads us to answer the questions mentioned above.

In short: if the child is happy, active and their diet is varied, we should not worry about what the scale says. Sometimes by forcing him to eat more, make him special diets or influence too much in the matter of food, we will only be able to generate a problem where there is none and that ends up being something unpleasant for the child.

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