Can I control my child's temper?

Can I control my child's temper?

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My daughter Ana is a wonderful girl, but when she was a little younger she would leave us speechless with the anger with which she behaved when she was upset, and being so small! (5 years old). Ana by nature has a strong character, and sometimes also terrible. I remember a situation that was the beginning of the end of his horrible proms. Now I don't remember why I scolded her and told her to go to her room. She, out of control, called me a fool as she went to her room and slammed the door behind her that rumbled the whole house.

When I saw this overreaction from my little girl, I thought, "Now or never! If I don't stop this, I may never be able to control her temper." With the same violence that she closed the door, I opened it, took her by the arms tightly and told her never to think of behaving like this again. She was perplexed by my reaction, she began to cry inconsolably; and once she was calmer we talked about what had happened. She was sorry, she told me that she got very nervous and then she couldn't control herself.

I have never liked the phrase: 'I am like that, I cannot change'. All people can change what we do not like about ourselves. We may not be able to add an inch to our stature, but we can shape or soften our character with willpower and training. Having a bad character fundamentally hurts those who are carried away by it. Therefore, I recommend this beautiful story to be able to tell it to your grumpy or temperamental children.

This is the story of a girl who had a very bad temper. His father gave him a bag of nails and told him that every time he did something wrong, he should drive a nail behind the door. On the first day, the girl drove 37 nails behind the door. The weeks that followed, as she learned to control her temper, she drove fewer and fewer nails behind the door. He found that it was easier to control his temper than to drive nails behind the door. The day came when he could control his character all day.

After informing his father, he suggested that he remove a nail each day that he managed to control his character. The days passed and the girl was able to announce to her father that there were no more nails in the door ... Her father took her by the hand, led her to the door and said: "You have worked hard, my daughter, but look at all Those holes in the door. It will never be the same again. Every time you do bad things, you leave scars exactly like the ones you see here. "

When you insult someone, despise him, ignore him or hurt him, you hurt his heart. Then, even if you ask for forgiveness, a scar remains on the heart of the offended person. And that is very bad for your relationships with others. However, there is something much worse. When you do a bad thing, you make a wound in your soul. And, even if those wounds heal, they will form a scab that will prevent you from being happy and fully enjoying life.

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