Engordaderas or pimples on the newborn's skin

In the first days of life, the newborn may present different skin lesions that in many cases frighten parents and lead them to consult a pediatrician. One of them is commonly known as fattening and they appear as pimples that appear sporadically all over the baby's skin.

Lesions on the baby's skin that are commonly known as 'fattening' are called in medicine milia or millium. Are pearly white or yellowish papules, 1-2 mm in diameter, very common in newborns, up to 40% of newborns.

They usually appear on the cheeks, nose, forehead and chin, and are small cystcytes containing keratin. When squeezed (which should not be done as they can become infected) a creamy whitish material is observed (they are remnants of keratinocytes, the cells that produce keratin).

The milia it often affects the oral mucosa, in this case up to 85% of newborns can present them. It then receives the name of Epstein beads and they are small whitish cystic lesions that can be found on the palate and / or on the gums.

The milia it resolves spontaneously in a month. Epstein pearls can take several months to fade.

These lesions on both the skin and the mouth they are not painful for the babyThey are not contagious, nor do they itch, they are just a bit annoying aesthetically.

For its treatment, and despite how cumbersome these pimples may seem, no cream or special product should be applied. The only recommended treatment for fattening women is to continue with normal hygiene with a mild soap special for babies.

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