The most popular names in Puerto Rico for boys

The most popular names in Puerto Rico for boys

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One of the decisions that parents have to face before the arrival of the baby is to choose the name. A matter that is not always easy, because sometimes they are influenced by family pressures to follow the tradition of a name.

In Puerto Rico there is a clear preference for simple boy names. In the list of frequent names in this country we find a combination of names of Hispanic tradition and names of Anglo-Saxon origin, but all of them stand out for their strong personality.

1. Sebastian. It is a name of Greek origin whose meaning inspires respect and credibility. In addition, it is a traditional and elegant name that never goes out of style and that retains all its strength despite its use.

2. Ian. It is a name of Scottish origin that is actually a variant of the better known Juan. In this Anglo-Saxon version the name gains strength and sophistication and is especially liked for its simplicity.

3. Luis. The name is of Germanic origin and in its meaning we find values ​​such as courage and fame. It enjoys great popularity because it is a strong and simple name at the same time, capable of giving your child personality.

4. Angel. It is a name of Greek origin that is traditional and familiar to us. Its use has not worn down this name in whose meaning we find a messenger of good news. All a declaration of intentions that accompany your baby.

5. Adrian. This name has a Latin origin and a meaning related to the sea. We are facing one of those names that sound modern and original despite having a long history. Elegance and distinction always accompany Adrián.

6. Jayden. The name is of English origin, although it refers to a previous Hebrew origin. It is a name that brings distinction and originality and has the particularity of working for both boys and girls names. In any case, he does not lack strength or personality.

7. Dylan. It is a name of Welsh origin in whose meaning we find impetus and spontaneity. It is a name with a special force capable of staying current and remaining fresh and original. Creativity is the main characteristic of your baby's name.

8. Diego. This name has a Hebrew origin and is a variant of the well-known Jacob. It is an elegant name that remains foreign to fashion and that brings a distinguished air. In addition, it is very familiar and therefore inspires great confidence.

9. Jose. It is a name of Hebrew origin that we are used to seeing in the lists of frequent names in countless places. It works perfectly on its own or combined with other names to which it brings the strength and personality that tradition carries.

10. Carlos. With a meaning that speaks of strength, this name of Germanic origin is a classic in the lists of frequent names. It stands out because use has not been able to wear down its personality and it is always fresh and up to date.

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