A hunter and a dog. Phaedrus Childhood Fable

A hunter and a dog. Phaedrus Childhood Fable

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If you are looking for fables, short stories or legends with which to teach your children valuable life lessons, The fable of Phaedrus advises you, 'A hunter and a dog'.

When you want to teach your children that they should take care of who has helped them to the end, this children's fabúla will be of great help. Fables and stories are always a great resource to the curious questions of the little ones.

Not having anything cowardly, he had made himself worthy of his master's pleasures and entertainments, because of the ardor he displayed in the fight against all sorts of beasts, even the most ferocious; but that robust and vigorous nature began to decline, without lasts with the weight of the years. He began to quarrel at such a time with a wild boar, and very soon it took hold of one ear; but he had to let her go, because her teeth were already decayed.

The hunter sensing it, rebuked the dog; and he, although old, answered bravely: «I do not lack drive, but strength. You praised me in another time for what I was worth; and now you despise me, because I am not even a shadow of what I was ».

You understand well, Fíleto, where these things that I write are going and going.

Moral: We must not despise the old that once was of great help to us.

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