Children's back

Children's back

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Back pain doesn't just affect older people. Actually, more than 50 percent of children suffer from back pain. Dr. Domingo Carretero, a specialist in traumatology at the Kovacs Foundation, explains to us what the causes of back pain in children, why it affects girls more than boys and what little ones can do to prevent it.

What Causes Back Pain in Children?
In children, it has some specific peculiarities due to their age and development. Generally, in children bad posture, bad habits in carrying the backpack and, also, sedentary life with little exercise, which in certain cases as seen, could possibly be the most important, the lack of an adequate level of exercise.

Why does back pain affect girls more than boys?
Exactly, we don't know why there is such a difference. We do not have any study to be sure, but it is believed that it is because girls tend to do less exercise or sport than boys. There is a cliché in American society that boys play sports and girls engage in the arts. We do not know if it is a topic or has some background, but in any case those of us who have children in schools, we know that the number of federated teams of soccer, basketball and other disciplines is much lower in the feminine than in the masculine ones.

What are the keys for children to enjoy a healthy back?
It is essential to attend to two main sections: one corresponds to good muscle development through exercise or sport, and the other focuses on ergonomics, that is, on good postures.
In the case of exercise and sport, in principle, any exercise better than none. In any case, there are some more complete than others, but the decisive thing is that it be done continuously, so we must stick to what the child likes the most.

Regarding ergonomics or good postures, fundamentally in the child, two should be considered: one is the sitting posture. The correct way is law of right angles, the leg forming a right angle with the thigh and the trunk forming a right angle with the thigh, close to the back of the chair, and the arms more or less close to the body. The height of the desk must be correct, so that it does not force the child to have his shoulders raised upwards and that they do not hang him either.

How should back pain be prevented when transporting school supplies?
Parents have to take into account that there are fashions and that fashion has a lot of throw, but the best thing to do would be to carry a backpack with wheels with an extendable handle so that it adapts to the child's height.

If that is not allowed by fashion and it has to be hung, that is on both shoulders, that the straps are wide, that it has a belt so that it adapts perfectly to the body on the lumbar area of ​​the sacrum, not only on one side in shoulder bag plan.

It must always be borne in mind that the child should not carry more than 10 percent of his weight, that is, if the child weighs 40 kg, the maximum weight he should carry is 4 kg. It is difficult to comply, but the more we get closer to the ideal, the better we will be doing it.

What other aspects must be taken into account when carrying the school backpack?
Other very important factors to take into account are how far the child lives from school, for how many meters they will carry the backpack, because if they really live a few meters from school, both positively and negatively, the effect of backpack and the transport of school material will be minimal, it is different from the child who has to transport this material a long distance. And this is decisively influenced by the muscular endowment of that child.

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