The wolf and the horse. Phaedrus Fables for Children

The wolf and the horse. Phaedrus Fables for Children

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The fable of Phaedrus that you can find in, 'The wolf and the horse', will help all those moms and dads who want to teach their child to distrust the wicked.

Explaining certain behaviors or attitudes to our children can often be difficult due to their young age, but for this, educators can help themselves with fables, children's stories or legends.

A wolf was passing through a field of barley, but since it was not food to his liking, he left it and continued on his way. After a while he found a horse and took him to the field, commenting on the large quantity of barley he had found, but that instead of eating it, he had better left it because he liked more to hear the noise of his chewing teeth. But the horse replied:

- Friend, if wolves ate barley, you would not have preferred to please your ears but your stomach!

Moral: Every evil person, even if he seems to act as good, should not be believed.

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