The horse and the wild boar. Phaedrus Fables for Children

The horse and the wild boar. Phaedrus Fables for Children

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In you can find the children's fable of Phaedrus, 'The horse and the boar'. Fables and stories can teach children many things and you can find a good example here.

On this occasion, the story of Phaedrus wants to alert us to those who approach us only out of interest; of those who first help us and then take advantage of us in an even worse way.

Every day the wild horse quenched its thirst in a shallow river. There also came a wild boar that, by stirring the mud from the bottom with its nose and legs, muddied the water. The horse asked him to be more careful, but the boar was offended and treated him mad.

They ended up looking at each other with hatred, like the worst enemies. Then the wild horse, full of anger, went to look for the man and asked for help. "I will face that beast," said the man, "but you must let me ride on your back."

The horse agreed and there they went, in search of the enemy. They found him near the forest, and before he could hide in the thicket, the man threw his javelin and killed him. Free of the wild boar, the horse headed towards the river to drink in its clear waters, sure that it would not be disturbed again. But the man did not intend to dismount.

"I'm glad I helped you," he said. Not only did I kill that beast, but I captured a splendid horse. And, although the animal resisted, it forced it to do its will and put a rein and a saddle on it.

He, who had always been free as the wind, for the first time in his life had to obey a master.

Although his die was cast, since then he lamented night and day: "Fool me! The discomfort the boar caused me was nothing compared to this! For magnifying a minor matter, I ended up being a slave!

Moral: Sometimes, in an effort to punish the damage they do us, we ally ourselves with someone who is only interested in dominating us.

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