Toilet training in children

Toilet training in children

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Sphincter control is the voluntary emptying of the bladder, a basic habit of autonomy in the child and which depends on the degree of maturity of each child. Nevertheless, it is harmful both to pretend that the child manages to control himself before his maturity allows it, as well as delaying training.

Toilet training takes a bit of time, dedication, and patience on the part of adults. It begins with the removal of diapers during the day and requires the cooperation of the child. The child must feel like an important part of the work and therefore must participate. He should feel supported and loved, even if he pees his pants. Toilet training can also be taught through games, and will be achieved if the child feels safe and understood.

It is important to remember that it is not a problem if the child gets his pants wet from playing or because he delays going to the bathroom too long. Nor should we extend the time to take him to the bathroom because there is a short time to get home, the child will not hold. These tips will help you get your child to go to the bathroom alone.

- For two weeks, keep track of the hours he pees. You can go checking if the diaper is dry or wet and write down the hours in which it urinates. If it's dry for more than an hour and a half, you can start training.

- It is not advisable to remove the diaper at some times of the day and put it on others, the child will not understand it and it will be more difficult to perform toilet training.

- In the hours when he pees, accompany him to the bathroom, and put him on the potty or adapter. If he does manage to pee or poop, reinforce with praise how well he did.

- If he fails and pees on himself, don't mind it. Allow a few moments for him to feel uncomfortable and realize that the next time he needs to call.

- When you manage to control the pee, do not give importance to the small failures that may occur.

- For night control, some professionals recommend waking up the child and sitting him on the potty, however, there is no consensus on this, others recommend not doing it. What is certain is that the child can control the pee during the day and take a little longer to do it at night.

- Do not ridicule the child if he does not succeed, it is a learning that requires great difficulty.

Source: AMEI

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