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The first ultrasound examination in pregnancy

The first ultrasound examination in pregnancy

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When should the first ultrasound examination be performed? Is it necessary already during the first visit to the doctor, when the gynecologist confirms the pregnancy? How to prepare, what to expect in a specialist's office? When is ultrasound performed through the abdominal wall and when vaginally? We answer below.

When is the first ultrasound examination pregnant?

Although many doctors perform ultrasound on the first visit of a pregnant patient, this is not necessary. If the pregnancy is proceeding without disturbing symptoms such as bleeding, abdominal pain, fever, the first ultrasound examination may be performed during a genetic examination between 11 and 14 weeks of pregnancy.

Is pregnancy ultrasound safe?

Ultrasound during pregnancy is considered safe. Despite this, many doctors prefer to be cautious and reach for it only when necessary. They argue their decision simply: the effect of ultrasound has been used for years, yet we do not yet fully know their impact.

Ultrasound examination and pregnancy age

Ultrasound examination during the first visit is very helpful for women who do not menstruate regularly. It allows you to assess the age of pregnancy. In the first weeks of pregnancy, the embryos develop in the same way, and only with time do the children gain individual pace in terms of height and weight gain.

How many ultrasound tests during pregnancy?

At least 3-4 ultrasound tests are performed during pregnancy.

To confirm pregnancy, a vaginal examination is performed, over time, when the fetus is larger, the woman is examined through the abdomen by applying a transducer to its surface.

The test is painless. It usually takes a few minutes. You don't have to prepare for it.

During the examination, the woman lies on her back, and a gel is applied to the abdomen to help conduct sound. The results of the examination, i.e. the ultrasound image is visible on the monitor: usually one has a doctor at his disposal, the other is positioned so that a woman can look at him.


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