A game for children: hopscotch

A game for children: hopscotch

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If there is a truly universal game known all over the world, which all generations have played since time immemorial, this is hopscotch. Although there is no unanimous agreement on the way to play it or the name given that has a variety of denominations, it is one of the most fireproof and fun children's games.

Hopscotch has multiple versions and variants in the rules of the game, but surely you know the local version closest to you. I played by drawing some squares in the sand or on the ground with chalk, numbering them. It is played in turns and a flat pebble is chosen so that it does not roll away. The player has to throw the stone, starting from the first square, without it touching the edges, and jumps to the second, remaining on the limp (both feet can rest when the squares are double.

The route is made resting in the final square (the sky) and returning along the same route to end the round, first picking up the stone from the square where we had to throw it. If a mistake is made, the turn goes to the next player. I remember spending wonderful hours in the schoolyard or on the sidewalk, with a lot of involvement with the participating group.

There are very different versions, and although all of them have common characteristics, some are much more difficult and require practice and skill, in these, the stone must be pushed with the tip of the foot towards the next square. Hopscotch, or shuffleboard, or pitajuela ... is a really stimulating game to play in groups or teams (although it can also be played alone). Playing this universal game, children train their balance, the ability of their legs, their aim, perform jumping exercises, coordinate legs and eyes, and learn to number and remember positions ... endless virtues for a well-known game and recognized.

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