What babies dream

What babies dream

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Do babies dream? What kind of dreams do they have? Newborns and babies spend more time sleeping than an adult, it is therefore presumable that during that time they have dreams.

During the sleep phase, it is known that babies have great brain activity and there is an intuition that their dreams are full of the memories and experiences they have experienced.

There are several studies on baby sleep. Dr. Charles P. Pollak of the Center for Sleep Medicine at Weill Corner Hospital in New York stated that Babies enter REM phase like adults (rapid eye movement), a phase where most dreams occur. However, this expert explains that it is impossible to find out what they dream about.

Adults have REM phase for 20% of the total time they sleep, which corresponds to one or two hours each night, therefore babies can have six to eight hours. During this phase, you can see how the eyes move behind the lidsboth vertically and horizontally.

Movement can also occur in babies. This can even lead to thinking that they have nightmares since make facial expressions, smile, or jerk arms and legs. Most likely, it is not due to a bad dream, but just an overlap between different phases of sleep due to the immaturity of the sleep control mechanisms. Nightmares usually appear around 3 years of age.

There are scientists who claim that babies begin to dream in the womb, since brain activity has been detected during the sleep phase.

For the Spanish Association of Psychiatry and Adolescents, children begin to dream after 18 months of life, although there are specialists who are inclined to think that the babies do have dreams And, if we take into account that we dream based on our experiences and memories, since those of babies are more limited than those of an adult, they dream of smells, the taste of breast milk, being in the arms of the mother or the parent or textured. All of them experiences of their day to day.

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