Four year old boy

Four year old boy

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The 4 year old boy is more independent. You feel capable, and you are, of controlling your own strength and security. He likes to feel part of the housework and takes care of his own things. He gets to wash his hands and face, put away his own clothes, fix the sheets on his bed, brush his teeth, and pick up his toys in the room and all of that ... by himself! He interacts very well with his friends and loves to invite them to his home.

- You can go up and down the stairs more easily, participate in competitive games, and you will always be ready to play whatever. It shows his preferences regarding clothes, hairstyle, food and friends.

- Begins to ask questions about all aspects of your curiosity, and will show some interest in your birth and about death. He loves looking at pictures and movies from when he was little.

- At his level of thought an evolution is perceived, since he can classify objects and materials by color, shape or number. But not only that, but it is already located in space and understands the notions -outside-, -in-, -up, -down-. Likewise, it also narrates experiences of daily life and does so with greater fluency and better pronunciation.

At this age, the child has instability in his emotions. He laughs and cries for no apparent reason, and that causes him to return, from time to time, to the tantrums of two years. He wants to impose his wishes by defying his parents. The four-year-old will feel a special preference for his mother if he is a boy, identifying with the father and competing with him for his mother. However, the girl will show a weakness for her father and will act in the same way as the boy.

It is a stage in which parents must have a lot patience, tact and control of the situation. Let's not forget that we are dealing with a young child, who has a very limited capacity for understanding and it is we, the parents, who must teach them, little by little. Other than that, it will start with the because S. He will look for answers and it is advisable to always answer him truthfully. By responding to a child, we are teaching him to think and helping him to form the basis of his worldview.

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