Consequences of over-parenting in children

Consequences of over-parenting in children

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Hyper-parenting is an educational style based on overprotection, a way of educating children by controlling and planning everything they do to the millimeter. An excessively overprotective and overstimulating way of parenting, in search of the perfect child, the successful and successful child.

Hyper parenting, also called hyper parenting, It has become a common educational model in affluent societies, like ours, where we have placed our children on an altar and parents live and do their best for them, avoiding any setback, failure, error or suffering.

The hyper-parenting that arises, without a doubt, from the good intention of parents has very negative consequences for children. Children whose capacity for autonomy, independence and evolution is compromised because this educational style based on overprotection prevents them from making decisions, learning from their mistakes and developing personal skills as important as having good self-esteem.

The result of an excess of overprotection, with millimetric, controlled and planned schedules, that excess of stimulation in search of the perfect child may end up generating in the future, with great probability, children:

- Insecure

- With low self-esteem, lack of confidence in themselves, since they need the support of their parents for everything.

- Lacking in creativity for not having time to develop it.

- Unable to tolerate frustration or failure.

- Children who get bored easily because they are not used to having idle hours in their life.

- Children stressed and frustrated by not being able to get to everything or being able to abandon anything because if they did they would disappoint their parents.

- Iunable to organize their own life.

Children do not need supermoms or superpapis, only someone to be with us, that we love and care for them. They don't want dads who spend all day taking them from one place to another from after school to after school, they just want to have parents to be with and share.

Our children have the right to be children, to play, to be bored, to invent, to imagine ... and for this it takes all that time that we, their parents, dedicate ourselves to planning, organizing and filling, kidnapping their childhood and their potential to decide and fend for themselves.

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