The importance of reading to the baby during pregnancy

The importance of reading to the baby during pregnancy

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More and more women are aware of the intense connection they feel with their baby during pregnancy. Because you know that your baby is already your baby long before delivery, before holding him in your arms you can feel united to him by a very special bond. The baby can notice any alteration of the mother's mood, if she is happy, if she is afraid, if she lives calm or anxious.

And it is that the baby is capable of feeling so many things before being born that that is why specialists recommend talking to the baby during pregnancy, touching the belly by way of hugs or caresses, playing relaxing music or even reading stories when it is still in the womb . Discover the importance of read to baby During pregnancy.

Your baby needs your attention long before it is born. During pregnancy she can stimulate her development by touching your belly, speaking softly to her, calling her name, playing quiet music, and reading stories to develop her senses and foster the connection between the two of you. And of course, in this task you can also participate dad.

Reading during pregnancy is the least known of all the techniques you can practice to take care of your baby while it is still in your womb. And yet the advantages of reading to your baby there are many. Increasing your vocabulary, facilitating future learning, and earlier intellectual development are just some of the benefits of reading in pregnancy.

But there is more. The baby will be able to more easily recognize the voices of the father and mother and will feel more secure and protected in his development. With reading, the baby will learn to distinguish the different voice modulations depending on the situation, which will be very useful in their first months of life both to reassure them and to stimulate them.

The expectant mother sometimes wonders what reading is ideal during pregnancy. The truth is that both children's stories and adult's favorite readings provide all the benefits. The important thing is that the mother transmits during her reading a sense of well-being, protection and affection for the baby. The baby will know how to recognize it.

It is best to practice this technique of reading routinely throughout pregnancy. Half an hour a day will be enough for the baby to recognize your voice and if you always do it at the same time, the connection between the two will be immediate. Inside you, your baby will know that that special and intimate moment is coming just for the two of you.

You can't forget that in addition to all the benefits of reading to your baby during pregnancy, chances are high that you will have a great reader in the future. In any case, imagine the emotion of transmitting to your baby from this precise moment and without waiting for it to be born Love's stories, friendship and solidarity.

Laura Velez. Contributor to our site

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