6 strategies to stop the child when he runs away

6 strategies to stop the child when he runs away

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How can it be that when a child starts running there is no one to catch him? All parents have experienced that situation at some point in which we get confused for a second and at that moment our son takes the opportunity to flee. The surprising thing about the situation is that in just moments he has run so much that he is about to cross a street or has disappeared down the aisle of the supermarket.

Running after a child sounds easy, right? His short steps do not seem to be able to take him far and yet, in a few seconds they are able to travel enough meters to be in danger before we catch them.

Children usually run away laughing and we, disconcerted and throwing the rest, do not seem to be able to reach them. Unless, as happened to me a few days ago when the heels did not let me make a 'Chariots of Fire', that a Good Samaritan gives birth to the baby before he crosses the street.

Children love running and that feeling of freedom that running gives themThey do not realize the dangers involved in running away from their parents: a car could run over or they could get lost.

Catching the baby or child when fleeing from parents requires training, patience, anticipation, and most of all these strategies:

- Even if he screams and kicks because he does not want to be in the chair, it will be the best if you think he is going to flee in a shopping center or a crowded place.

- If you want to run away at the supermarket we can propose to be a participant in the purchase: You can push the cart or take some food from the shelves and put it in the basket.

- Give him the opportunity to run free in a space where you can be controlled and you can watch him at another time. You do not have to always go in the chair, we must find moments so that you can let off steam by taking a walk through the countryside or through the forest.

- Explain that if he does not run away, he will be able to get out of the chair and go with us hand in hand, but that if he is going to run you will sit him down again and he will not be able to walk.

- Talk to him about the dangers he faces should he flee from our side and insist on it constantly.

- If when the child runs away and you call him, he ignores no matter how much you scorn, try the opposite effect: 'You don't catch me', infallible, the child will stop short and run back to try to catch you.

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