Boy or girl? What matters is that you come healthy

Boy or girl? What matters is that you come healthy

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There are parents who They are disappointed when the child they expect is not the sex they wanted. They were sure, for example, that it was a girl and in childbirth they discover that it is a boy. The desire for it to be a girl or a boy was so great that they had already chosen the baby's name and even the color and decoration for their room. This desire is often so great that many parents do not realize the most important thing: that their baby was born healthy.

I, like many people, consider that the sex of the baby is important, but more relevant than that is that the baby arrives in the world healthy. Nothing more logical.

Little can be done to choose the sex of the baby you are going to have, but there are many cares you can take during pregnancy so that your baby is born healthy:

1- Healthy eating habits. Diet during pregnancy is important for a better development of your baby. Being overweight can disrupt the proper process of pregnancy. It is advisable to practice yoga, pillars, hydro-gymnastics, etc.

2- Be careful with your teeth. Pregnancy can affect dental plaque as well as gums. Pay a visit to the dentist during pregnancy to avoid problems like gingivitis.

3- If you smoke, give up tobacco; If you drink alcohol, stop drinking. If you smoke, you are forcing your baby to smoke. The bad effects of cigarettes reach your baby. In the case that you consume alcoholic beverages, there is a high risk that your baby will be born with some malformation or mental retardation, or even with fetal alcohol syndrome. Do not drink even in small amounts.

4- Reduce the amount of caffeine you consume. Caffeine is a stimulant. If they make us more nervous, the baby will probably experience the same.

5- Avoid contact with sick people. You will be defending your baby too.

6- Do not consume medications before talking to your doctor. They can affect the baby you are expecting.

7- You can prevent accidents always wearing the seat belt in the car.

8- If you are going to take a plane trip, respect the medical advice and limits of the airlines. You will avoid problems such as swelling, dizziness, etc.

9- Keep calm, through music and good sleep.

10- Monitor your health. Talk to your doctor about the importance of folic acid, iron, calcium, and vitamins during pregnancy.

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