How parental lack of sleep affects children

How parental lack of sleep affects children

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They say that when you have children you no longer sleep like you used to, and on many occasions it is true. Having a child is the most wonderful thing in the world, but it will also take away many hours of sleep, a few hours that if they are too many, can affect not only the physical and emotional health of the parents, but also that of the children.

Long sleepless nights, work schedules, when children get sick… there are many reasons that can make parents' lack of sleep a too common reality. But how does it affect the children?

- Most irritable parents: Tired parents may be more irritable in the face of any conflict No matter how small, the control of emotions can be a problem and it may even be that without realizing it, parents allow themselves to be overwhelmed by negative emotions without even being able to control them because of the daytime discomfort caused by lack of sleep. Without patience, apathy and anger will easily replace love and sweetness.

- There is no good tuning: Without a good quality of sleep it is more difficult to be in tune with the children, They are not given the attention they need and positive parenting can be forgotten by fatigue, especially when they need it most, which is often in stressful situations.

- Neglected children: For example, if a child is doing something that he should not, it is easier for a parent to yell at him out of fatigue to stop this bad behavior as soon as possible, even through fear and bullying, something that will affect development very negatively. emotional child. If a child does not stop still, it is easier to give him a tablet so that he is "still" for a while instead of giving him the attention he needs and spending quality play time with him, something that could make the child feel who is neglected by his parents or that they have other priorities than being for him.

- More punishments: When parents are sleep deprived, it is tempting to turn to scolding or anger, but these parenting methods, while providing immediate solutions, cause long-term damage to children's emotional health.

Parenting is difficult and even more so if there is sleep privacy in the middle. It is necessary to prioritize hours of sleep during the day when it has been deprived at night for whatever reason, but it is important to know that children need happy parents and not angry parents from lack of sleep.

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