How the changes affect children

How the changes affect children

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Changes in children can cause them, like any adult, some anxiety about the unknown, but, since they do not have the necessary maturity and are not yet capable of assessing or weighing the situations they are going to experience, we must help them to take them with ease. For a child, his parents are his foundations and roots, we are the ones who can offer him the confidence he needs in this time of change.

All families go through changes such as, for example, removals, school changes, illness or death of a relative, or separation. Depending on the case, the family balance will be more or less affected and, likewise, our young children could experience certain symptoms due to the influence of these new circumstances: mood changes, isolation, learning difficulties, etc.

Depending on the child's sensitivity and, above all, his age, the changes may affect him to a greater or lesser extent. So we must help them as much as possible when they have to live situations that may affect their routines and emotional stability. Do you remember when your child was a baby and you could take him wherever you wanted, because as long as you were giving him protection and meeting his needs, he was happy? In the same way, an older child can lessen the tension that changes always cause, if he feels supported by his parents and experiences that they are calm. On the contrary, the nervousness that we may suffer in a new situation or experience, we will also transmit to our child.

Children, in general, have a great capacity to adapt to mutable states, as long as their roots or their bases, which are their parents, remain unchanged. Undoubtedly, the place where you are or the people who accompany you can be important for your child, but overcoming the change and returning to normal without psychological disorders appear, depends largely on having certain things that are immovable such as a relationship loving you or not depriving him of previously acquired privileges. We can also protect your personal situation and your emotional stability, if we gradually prepare you to overcome the changes that we have planned for our family.

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